High Assurance


Our solutions are High Assurance, which means that they comply with the Dutch government’s requirements for the securing of classified information, i.e. state secret or ‘Ministerial Restricted’ information as administered by the government, the Ministry of Defence, NATO, or the EU. Security at HA level therefore offers protection at the highest level against the heaviest attacks. 

Advanced Persistent Threats

Classified information security has to be able to resist the advanced attacks known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Often APTs come from criminal organizations or organizations with activist or terrorist motives. One disturbing development, however, is the increase in attacks and threats coming from foreign powers’ state intelligence and security agencies, so-called state actors. What all these actors have in common is that they are well-organized, and possess high-grade expertise and means, and their covert operations are sustained and strategic. They focus on economic and political espionage and on influencing the legal systems and decision-making processes in other countries.

Advanced attacks

Another disturbing recent trend is the speed with which these state actor-developed advanced attacks end up in the hands of cybercriminals. It is increasingly clear that certain extremely harmful Trojans and viruses that are currently on the internet originated with security agencies. The infamous Stuxnet worm which targets nuclear plants is a good example. Properly protecting business networks and critical infrastructure therefore requires the use of advanced HA technology.

State of the art technology

Securing against APTs requires the use of modern security products that are based on state of the art technology and expertise. Our security products comply with the highest requirements and offer security at HA level. They are developed by technology integrator Technolution, a Dutch company that is specialized in high-end security technologies. Technolution has been operating successfully in various market segments and with clients who use cutting-edge technology since 1987; an excellent base for the development of advanced and cost-effective security products. Technolution is working together closely on the security program with the NBV and the Ministry of Defence. Many of the our security products have been submitted for assessment by the Dutch government, NATO, or the EU, and they comply with the most robust security requirements and standards.