Launching hardware VPN solution at the NIDV exhibition


3 November 2016

The NIDV exhibition is THE meeting point for doing business regarding defense and security. A great opportunity for the visitors to be introduced to PrimeLink: our hardware VPN solution for secured connections based on OpenVPN-NL. Will be see you there on 17 November?

NIDV exhibition and symposium

This leading event regarding defense and security will be held on 17 November in the Benelux at Ahoy in Rotterdam. During the NIDV symposium, combined with an exhibition, industry, politics, government and knowledge institutes come together to share visions, knowledge and ideas. At the exhibition, we will be launching PrimeLink and presenting SigmaXG, both solutions regarding information service.

About PrimeLink

PrimeLink is our hardware VPN solution and is based on OpenVPN-NL; THE security protocol approved for use by the Dutch government for the classification level of departmental confidential. With PrimeLink computers can safely communicate through the open Internet. Secured connections are easily established and simple to manage.



  • René Stallen
  • Senior Consultant/Project Manager
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