Membership in NIDV corresponds to Technolution’s security ambitions


21 April 2016

Technolution has become a member of the NIDV Foundation, the representative of the the Dutch Defence and Security-Related industries. As a technology innovator and integrator, Technolution has the ambition to provide solutions for contemporary issues. We consider our participation in the NIDV as the entry to a platform where key players in the field of security and the security industry meet each other. 

Security taken for granted?

Since Technolution’s inception, security and network security have been the core values of our company. Security should not only be considered as the lock on the door at the end of a project, but one of a project’s founding principles. It is an essential way of thinking that is deeply-rooted in our DNA and is interwoven into all of our projects from the design table through to ‘end of life’. Due to security issues, you can’t just put an old computer in the garbage. Together with our partners, we have both the knowledge and technology to protect our open society and to guarantee secure communication.

Cooperating for security

Technolution already applies this company philosophy to cybersecurity for public services where we build communication systems together with our partners for the secure transfer of important information. We will apply our expertise, together with our partners, for improved situational awareness, communication and command execution within the NIDV network. Together with the other NIDV members, Technolution will participate in the cutting edge of the security domain.

About NIDV

The NIDV is the only branch organization for Dutch companies that provide products and services in the area of national and international security. The NIDV facilitates the positioning of its members in the design, development, production, maintenance and decommissioning of material as well as in related services. The NIDV has a very large global network at its disposal in the world of defense and security. The foundation organizes events for its members and provides a venue for government, knowledge institutions and the business community.



  • Gijsbert Huijgen
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