Our Solutions


We offer a family of high-assurance solutions for your data, networks, and connections. These solutions have the highest-level of security while still being easy to use. This means that you do not need a dedicated department of highly-trained specialists to be able to enjoy optimal security and reliability.

High Assurance

Every day, your network’s firewall is attacked hundreds of times, and thousands of new malware forms appear on the internet. Cyberattacks are increasingly carried out in a tightly coordinated pattern, often with the active support of foreign powers. Sufficient protection against such advanced cyber-attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs) is an absolute necessity, both for government and for businesses. That is why our security solutions offer High Assurance: security that meets the high standards set by the Dutch government.

Plug & Play

Despite its high level of security, we will not compromise on ease of use or speed. In fact, our solutions run almost unnoticed in the background. Implementation is easy and is plug & play. The encryption is carried out by dedicated hardware that is physically separated from the software and connectivity used. The results are low latency, high throughput speed, and inherent security. Our solutions avoid the vulnerability of software in the security rat race, but can still be easily adapted to new developments.  


Our High Assurance security program consists of three main groups:

  • PrimeLink – for secure (wired) connections
  • PrimeMobility – for secure mobile connectivity
  • PrimeCross – for secure cross-domain communication


Use PrimeLink to quickly realize secure connections, both low- and high-classification connections. Because the security protocols are integrated into the PrimeLink hardware, you can use any open network. PrimeLink joins high-security connections with high transfer rates (up to 10 Gbps) and high ease of use. No specific security expertise is required to install or use PrimeLink. PrimeLink is suitable for securing all kinds of connections, from single point-to-point connections to mesh networks, and from multi-client environments to other multi-site networks.


Mobile connectivity is inherently insecure. Working from a mobile work spot, using wireless home networks, or an open WiFi connection; all this involves risks. But not if you work with PrimeMobility. Once you establish connection through one of the PrimeMobility products, you are immediately certain that your mobile connection is secure. We also support multilevel workstation solutions that allows you to access multiple security domains from a single device. Just like PrimeLink, PrimeMobility offers security at the ‘Ministerial Restricted’ (‘Departementaal Vertrouwelijk’) or even ‘Secret’ (‘STG Geheim’) classification level. And this without difficult installation or launch procedures, and without loss of speed.


Even if your network is optimally protected, you sometimes need to communicate with other security domains (cross-domain). For instance to allow updates and patches, or remote control, or simply to receive data. PrimeCross offers a line of products that will keep your network safe even if it has to allow an external connection with other, possibly insecure domains. PrimeCross permits networks and domains to communicate with each other securely and in a controlled way, preventing information leaks and protecting your integrity and confidentiality.