PrimeLink 3015


Security made simple!

PrimeLink allows your locations to communicate securely over the open internet, without any of the complexity of software-based VPN connections. Just place a PrimeLink 3015 between your local network and the internet in each location. Once you’ve completed a few simple configuration steps, you will have a fast, encrypted connection that complies with the Dutch government’s strict standards.


A safe point-to-point connection using two PrimeLinks 3015.


PrimeLink 3015’s great strength is the simplicity of implementation. The secure OpenVPN-NL protocol is embedded in the hardware, and the PrimeLinks are activated using self-generated keys that can only be entered using a physical USB stick. No specialized knowledge is required.

The configuration of every PrimeLink 3015 is linked to the device through encryption, and it can be used only for that specific PrimeLink. Attackers who succeed in gaining access to the device alone, or to the configuration file alone, will still not be able to establish a connection. That can only be done by someone who has access both to the device and to the configuration.

Safe, easy, and fast

PrimeLink 3015 was developed by Technolution in close collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defence. A high security level, ease of use, and high connection speed were the main focus points, while pricing was also a priority. The result is a truly affordable solution for secure connections.













PrimeLink has been specifically designed to create secure connections between one or more locations. The basic implementation is a point-to-point connection. Because a PrimeLink can be connected to many other PrimeLinks, almost all network configurations are possible, including mesh or multi-client networks.

Main features

  • Dutch product designed in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence
  • Use and deployment advisory confirmed by the Dutch State (NBV approval)
  • Robust security (OpenVPN-NL) integrated into hardware
  • Future-proof high speed thanks to FPGA technology
  • Simplified security measures, installation and encryption expertise
  • Low purchase cost and encryption maintenance costs
  • Intrinsically safer than software solutions


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  • Securing data traffic: safe connection between two or more classified networks, irrespective of the location.
  • Securing connections with critical infrastructure or devices in the public sector, energy supply, and industry.

Safe connections with external clients at various locations, such as home workers.

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