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Our vision on security

Public and private organizations increasingly have to cope with the pressure of cybercrime that is consistently growing in volume and level of sophistication and coordination. Hacking is becoming ever more professional. More often than not, these attacks are carried out by well-organized entities that have near-unlimited resources due to the support of foreign powers. The strength of these state actors should not be underestimated.

Securing connections and domains

The greatest vulnerabilities occur where networks connect to the outside world. External users, mobile devices, and other networks all operate at different security levels. Ultimately, all networks can be accessed from the open internet. Our greatest challenges for the near future are securing connections, or ‘data in transit’, and separating security domains.

On the one hand, this requires intelligent, high assurance solutions that guarantee secure end-to-end connections between domains, devices, and users at different security levels. On the other hand, securing connections should not impede usability and availability. Therefore, ease of use, data transfer speed, and transparence are just as important.

Short development cycles

High-end security products are based on hardware and tend to lag behind the innovations of modern technology, because the required high-end components often show long development cycles. As a result, these products reach the market when the technologies used are already years behind. This often results in performance and usability levels that are lower than required. On the other hand, software is not secure: we know that 99% of computer vulnerabilities are caused by software. The solution is to use programmable logic. This offers the best of both words: a significant reduction in development and evaluation cycles.

High assurance

Based on this vision, we are developing high assurance solutions with a focus on secure connectivity, in the form of secure connections, both cross-domain and cross-device. By focusing on core functionality, we create solutions that only do what they do best: providing security, while keeping development cycles short. An important characteristic of our solutions is the extremely reliable security on the basis of hardware and programmable logic, which makes it possible to have strong separation between the different components.

Security made simple

We believe in simple solutions for complex environments, and in security by design. Focus and simplicity are essential to enable short security evaluation cycles. By using modern methods such as programmable logics and FPGAs instead of vulnerable software, we are able to create secure products that can evolve with the customer’s needs. This allows for a minimal, viable product with a focus on core functionality, short time-to-market, and great usability. In other words: security made simple.

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